Women's Ministries

Nancy is available for Women's Ministries.   She is a key speaker and musician for women's retreats and events.  Nancy writes:   "After we open with prayer, we worship God in song and praise.   There is always a Biblical theme, such as "grace".   All the songs I choose for the event, will reflect the Bible readings.  There is also time for women to come forward, and speak about their faith. "   

Issues close to Nancy's heart, are youth suicide, elder care, and dealing with grief.  Nancy writes, "I have seen many friends whose teens have lost their lives to suicide.  Not only is the loss painful.  The stigma is also devastating to families.   Yet, when we lean on Christ, and share His love through word and song, the Holy Spirit touches those who are hurting, and gives them hope. "   On Elder Care, Nancy writes, "Having just lost my Mom, and dealing with her death, my eyes were opened to the stress and anxiety in dealing with elder care.  Through fellowship, sharing the Word, and songs of hope and faith, connecting with our elderly can help them at a difficult time of life.  Elder Care takes a toll on the elderly and their families, as they cope with financial, physical, spiritual, and emotional issues."   On grief, Nancy says, "On December 4th, my church, King of Kings Lutheran Church in Middletown, NJ, will be offering a "Blue Christmas" worship service.  I approached the Music & Worship Committee, asking that the church start this type of service for those in grief.   I had written a song called, "Hold the Baby in Your Heart", and a church in Colorado used my song for their Blue Christmas.   I was inspired to add this type of service to our music ministry at the church.   For women's ministries, I speak about grief, not only at Christmas time, but any time of the year, when losing a loved one.   Songs that I have written, as well as songs by other Christian artists, help us on this journey, as we hear about Heaven and our Eternal Home.   God has given us the gift of music, and the power of music can help us to heal."