Australia Radio Interview- With John Donoghue

To find out more about John Donoghue and 98.5 Sonshine FM, click the picture of John, and link to the radio station's web site.

98.5 Sonshine FM - Perth, Australia

"In the U.S., I had been on radio and cable TV interviews before.  One of the largest stations, was in Newark, NJ, at WFME, 94.7 FM, Family Radio.   I did the interview at the radio station, than they played, Psalm 23, from my Covenant Love CD.  

I really enjoy interviews, and I am amazed at the announcers!  They have a knack of making you feel relaxed and conversational -- as if you are sitting in their living room, just chatting.   At first, I used to wonder why we never rehearsed what we would say to each other.   But I learned that the interview is more sincere and authentic, when it is spontaneous.  

On this page, I am highlighting an interview recorded from Perth, Australia, with John Donoghue, at Sonshine, 98.5 FM.  This major Christian - based radio station, is Australia's leading community broadcaster.  

I can't believe it's been a year already!  We did the interview last April, of 2009.   I had so much fun, talking with John.  His experience and talent as an announcer, was awesome!     

I hope you enjoy it!"...

Nancy's Radio Interview

The skyline of Perth, Western Australia.